About Us

We are in the business of ideating programs tailored to improve the oracy, elocution, and leadership skills of students of various ages. We reinforce the ability to be confident in public speaking. In our over 10 years of experience, we have proven to be adept at improving individuals, organizations, and educational institutions. We are committed to the development of elocution and speech presentation.”

We collaborate with schools as a club, Distinct Speech Club, with skilled coaches. They learn about the standards guide and the practice of public speaking. This will help them with their presentations for any school events.

We extend the training to our centre, where children from various homes come together to practice their speaking skills extensively. gaining fluency through group interaction and reading aloud to practise pronunciation.

We mentor and evaluate learners to improve their presentation skills.

We have created a mobile channel (Online)titled YOUR VOICE for all young speakers’ presentations to be seen and encourage other children around the world.

Acquiring this skill at a young age prepares students for adulthood and career advancement. Please use this link to register your children for this incredible leadership and public speaking class…

Our courses

RJ Voice and speech training is for anyone who needs to be a successful communicator but who feels that one or more aspects of their speech prevent them from fully achieving their goals.

Public Speaking

Presentation Techniques

Diction and Elocution

Public Speaking & Diction for kids