Public Speaking & Diction Training for kids

Welcome to the best Public Speaking & Diction Training for kids in Abuja Nigeria

Public Speaking & Diction Training for kids

The act of public speaking is feared by many individuals nowadays, especially adults because of lack of confidence, grammatical errors, poor speech clarity, and stage fright.

For these and other reasons, we catch them young.

The primary goal of Ryan and Jasmine Consult is to improve children’s speaking abilities. Children get the opportunity to interact with kids from different families and schools while learning in groups and more so when presenting their own thoughts.

Public Speaking & Diction Training for kids

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Public speaking classes encourage kids to become more dynamic, stand out from the crowd, and lead others. These classes are beneficial to kids and teens combating personal shyness, as well as those already very confident, along with everyone in between.


Staff Training

Do you know anyone who would benefit from speaking English more fluently and clearly? Do you have staff who are willing to improve their speaking abilities? Voice training and speech is a very difficult areas for many people with non-English speaking backgrounds. Difficulties with not being able to speak well can negatively affect performance and confidence. Effective spoken communication has financial benefits in all workplaces.

Group Classes

We also offer group classes where you get to meet different people, share ideas and interact more. Here you learn to communicate more clearly at with colleagues, clients, and patients, and Issues with confidence can mean a staff member or an employee holds back from contributing to group discussions. It can mean they opt for other duties just to avoid a phone call with a client or face-to-face discussion.

One-on-One Classes

Our one-on-one classes cover a training session for English pronunciation, proper listening skills, conversational skills, and the right expression to boost your confidence. Because we understand that Is clear communication is vital for all parts of the business and a very essential service. Our one-to-one voice and speech training extend to assisting people from all workplace and industries.