Ryan and Jasmine Consult present “YOUR VOICE”, a public speaking and leadership club for young learners. Your children will fearlessly become confident speakers by learning;

Let’s prepare them for the future


Every child’s nervous system has many types of butterflies that undermine their self-assurance

I loved performing on stage as a child, speaking in accents, and adorably encouraging my lovely dolls.
Funny! Is it not?
When I was younger and had the chance to speak up during conversations or school activities, I felt shy and stumbled over my words. I frequently ran out of thoughts.
I frequently cry at night and hide from people because of this agony.
As this went on, I turned to certain seasoned stars on TV for comfort, including Liz Benson and Joke Silver, to name a couple. My courage to believe that oratory is amazing and self-actualization came from their achievements.
I gradually transformed the faces of my audience into my favorite dolls whenever I had the chance to speak. It makes it simple to make eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions.

As I developed, I became close to a number of speakers who have now become successful presenters, and they have been a great assistance to me in my speaking career.

Every child’s nervous system has many types of butterflies that undermine their self-assurance. They can, however, master it if given the chance and a platform to achieve this goal.
With our planned activities, the Public Speaking and Diction Club for kids will help children to consciously control and showcase their confidence, thus freeing the different beautiful butterflies in their system.

Program Content

Sign up your child to our 3-month membership subscription every Saturday, starting from October 8th to December 10th 2022

Presentation Skills

each child would learn to present with visual aids, slides or props

Body Actions

Pace with the appropriate stance and gestures to command the stage


learn to articulate and express thoughts distinctively

Live Practice

Each speaker stands the chance to present on stage with a live audience

Subscription Fee:

Agee 5-9 N55,000

Ages 10-15 N65,000

Ages 16-20 N75,000

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